plug & work


no complicated wiring necessary


quick and easy installation of pushbuttons and switches


no errors when connecting the cables


less time, less costs

M12 - connecting quick and easy

The right product for each requirement

Shortron connect

Series with M12 connector integrated in the pushbutton/switch – completely protected and available as full range of types

  • panel cut-out 22.3 mm
  • high IP degree in the front and on the rear
  • no enclosure necessary
  • low space requirement


Innovative and elegant enclosure for up to 4 pushbuttons and switches – configurate it as per you individual request

  • M12 coventional
  • IO-Link
  • AS-Interface
  • wireless technology sWave 868 MHz

Further M12 enclosures

  • minibox - compact plastic enclosure
  • SIL M12 - robust plastic enclosure
  • S4 - stainless steel enclosure, also with AS-Interface

FRT connect

This contact block series brings pushbuttons and switches to the M12 world: Pushbuttons and switches can be retrofitted with M12 connectors – connecting type easy to change!

Quartex connect

Large and robust emergency-stop with integrated M12 connector for 22.3 mm mounting diameter

Special feature: The switching state can be indicated via the illuminated anti-lock collar

Kombitast connect

Emegency-stop with integrated M12 connector for harsh and complicated fields of applications

  • panel cut-out 30.5 mm
  • high degree of protection in the front and on the rear
  • operating temperature up to -40°C

Shortron M12

Series with M12 connector and cable – completely protected, different types available

  • panel cut-out 22.3 mm
  • high IP degree in the front and on the rear
  • no enclosure necessary
  • low space requirement

Kombitast M12

Designed for the use in mobile machines or special installations that have to withstand difficult environmental conditions.

  • panel cut-out 30.5 mm
  • IP69K in the front and IP65 on the rear
  • stable and robust cable
  • also with Deutsch connector

Using the advantages of M12

  • Quick
    Plug & work - plug in and get started
  • Simple
    No technical staff required
  • Safe
    Wrong wiring or wrong polarity not possible
  • Effective
    Lower costs thanks to quick, easy and safe installation
  • Universal
    Globally established standard